Proving Flow Through Chillers

Water chillers are nothing new, with nearly an estimated 100,000 units operating in North America alone. Chillers are the cooling machines of choice to condition industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities. They are used to lower the temperatures of all kinds of equipment and processes such as: robotic machinery; semiconductors; injection and blow molding machines; welding equipment; die-casting and machine tooling; paper and cement processing; power supplies; power generation stations; compressed air and gas cooling systems; medical imaging machines; chemical, drug, food and beverage production; even simply to cool potable water to desirable levels. Whether for office comfort, keeping data server centers from overheating, or specialized industrial processes, water temperature control plays a vital role in many of the behind-the-scenes activities that affect our everyday lives. Continue reading “Proving Flow Through Chillers”

[New Product Release] Differential Pressure Transmitter, Series 629HLP

Differential Pressure Transmitter, Series 629HLP

This week introduced the latest addition to the Dwyer pressure product line, with theĀ Differential Pressure Transmitter, Series 629HLP. This transmitterĀ is ideal for monitoring differential pressure in applications such as air handlers, heat exchangers, chillers, and hydraulic systems. Continue reading “[New Product Release] Differential Pressure Transmitter, Series 629HLP”