Semiconductor Tool Parameter Monitoring Solutions

A semiconductor transistor is a part with specific electronic properties that allow it to serve as a component in microchips and modern electronics like phones, laptops, and more. As these components are small and require precise manufacturing methods, there are facilities dedicated to their manufacture.

These facilities consist of several levels including air handlers and scrubbers for exhaust, HEPA room, fab cleanroom, and subfab areas. The control of pressure, flow, and temperature within the facility is essential.

Semiconductor process tools are used for the production of microchips and other microelectronic components. These process tools are highly engineered and have a multitude of applications such as pneumatics, electrical, electronics, fume exhaust, chemical & gas distribution, radio frequency (RF) generation, and ultra-high vacuum. Dwyer products help to ensure that process tools are being monitored and controlled to the system owner’s designated parameters.  Continue reading “Semiconductor Tool Parameter Monitoring Solutions”