Why Buy USA (or American)-Made Products

It may be more important now than ever to buy American-Made products. With all the hardships the world has faced in 2020, we can benefit from buying products with a “Made in USA” label. Dwyer is a proud USA manufacturer of instrumentation solutions for the HVAC and process automation markets. Here are a few reasons to buy American-Made products.

High Quality Products
“Made in USA” has always meant quality. Manufacturers strive to produce safe, high-grade products. American-Made items are often manufactured with higher quality components, as well as developed under strict regulations and thorough testing. All of these points contribute to a long product lifespan.

According to an article by Shield Casework, “…when companies produce products in the US, they have complete control of every aspect of the product, from its design to the materials used to create it. When there’s a problem in manufacturing the specified design, the designers, engineers and manufacturers can meet face-to-face to solve it. At every step of production, the company knows how the product is built: what materials and methods are used, what working conditions the workers face and how much detail each specific aspect of production is given.”

Provides Current and Future Jobs
Buying American helps keep Americans working and helps the economy. The more you buy USA-Made products, the more demand there is for said product. This in turn requires more workforce, which results in more jobs in all facets of the business.

With an economy recovering from the effects of COVID-19, it’s particularly important to support jobs in the United States, as individuals work to regain health and income affected by the current situation.

Better for Environment/Less Pollution
Because of federal and states environmental regulations, U.S. manufacturing is normally cleaner/healthier for the environment and consumers. Environmental statutes include (but are not limited to):

In addition, buying from companies that are overseas requires additional transport. This leads to more emissions because of the longer travel times and in most cases multiple types of vehicles.

Dwyer has distributors worldwide for various countries, which means that international customers are able to purchase from local distributors. This also results in shorter shipping times and less necessary transport for individual purchases, as the products are shipped smaller distances.

Labor Laws
Many countries do not have labor laws in place to guarantee their employees safety. From unsafe working conditions to child labor, there are a number of issues that come with products that are manufactured outside the U.S. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938 offers employee protection over a wide range of areas, including health, efficiency, and well-being.  Regulations like this one help to ensure that workers are treated fairly and have safe conditions to do their jobs.

There are many more reasons to buy American-Made products, but simply said, buying American-Made products helps America. It is all about quality products, jobs for American citizens, and strengthening the economy for future generations to come. Here at Dwyer, we are proud to continue supporting the production and sale of American-Made products.