Proving Water Flow in Rooftop Air Handlers

We met with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) last year, who was working on a new design for rooftop air handling equipment. Part of the their design utilized water flow for cooling in a loop.

Low or no-flow conditions can cause major damage to expensive pumps, motors, and other equipment, which could result in extensive downtime and repair costs. In order to prevent this, the customer needed an inexpensive, but reliable and robust method for proving water flow. Continue reading “Proving Water Flow in Rooftop Air Handlers”

Enclosure Ratings for Personal Protection and Dust/ Water Ingress Protection

Weatherproof Enclosures

Many Dwyer Instruments, Inc. products have enclosures that are designed to be rated weatherproof, dust-proof, or even submersible. There are two main rating codes for enclosure protection classification: NEMA and IEC.

In the United States, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has publication 250-2003, Enclosures for Electrical Equipment, that is commonly used for ratings. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has similar ratings to the NEMA ratings. Meeting a NEMA rating on a product can be self-declared by the manufacturer based on product testing; whereas having UL approval to the rating requires testing by UL for proof that the product meets the standard. Continue reading “Enclosure Ratings for Personal Protection and Dust/ Water Ingress Protection”