Leachate, A Growing Market for Level Control

For decades, the municipal Water and Wastewater Market has been a focal point for many product lines associated with the Mercoid brand.  With Dwyer’s ever expanding product lines we have been able to offer a diverse array of instruments to monitor and control pressure, level, flow, humidity, and data logging.  A growing application with similar demands is landfill leachate pumping, where Mercoid has been able to successfully implement several products.

Landfill Leachate

Landfills are built upon a non-permeable membrane to prevent containments from leaching into the ground water.  Rain will accumulate within the landfill, and once it does, it’s referred to as leachate.  As you can imagine this is not a clean fluid; it consists of soluble materials from our trash and is highly inconsistent. Leachate can be corrosive and a biological hazard, which makes its disposal very important.  In a perfect world, the leachate would flow naturally to the local wastewater treatment facility; but as we know, the world doesn’t always operate     100% perfect.  Areas of collecting leachate require pumping periodically to prevent leaching into our groundwater.  For these scenarios a 4”-6” bore hole is placed at a horizontal angle to the base of the landfill, and in some cases a vertical well.  Technicians will place a slim pump   typically outfitted with wheels to reach the bottom of the bore or a standard submersible pump.

Typically for a fluid such as leachate we would recommend our PBLT2 Submersible Level Transmitter, but with such a small clearance there isn’t room for this device.  Dwyer’s Mercoid Division heard our customers’ requests and found a solution; our MBLT Miniature Submersible Level Transmitter.  Due to its 316SS construction, ETFE cable options, small diameter, and high reliability, it has quickly become a leader in the leachate pumping industry.  The MBLT is available in 0.1% or 0.25% accuracy, which cable lengths up to 2000 ft.  Using this level sensor in conjunction with our MPC or MPCJR Pump Controller allows for easy integration with pump control.   If there is additional clearance available, our FBLT Flush Tip Submersible Level Transmitter is also recommended.  Its ETFE Teflon sensing element makes compatible with the leachate.