Find What You Want In Less Clicks

The Dwyer Instruments, Inc. website was launched 21 years ago and was one of the first instrumentation e-commerce websites of its kind. Over the years as new products and features were added to the site, navigation became more complex for new users. Dwyer continually strives to improve the user experience by making platform updates and reducing the number of clicks it takes to find and order a desired product.  To that end, users will begin to see navigation updates on the W.E. Anderson® by Dwyer Valve Automation website ( in May.  To round out 2017, these changes will incrementally be updated across the entire Dwyer platform.

Improved Keyword Search

Dwyer is improving its keyword search terms to allow users to search by model number, series, or keyword without the need to specify before searching. We are also adding additional keywords to the search engine to be able to return the most relevant products based on the search.

Cleaning Up Drop Down Boxes

Nested drop down boxes can be troublesome, sometimes disappearing when the mouse pointer moves a little too fast. We are replacing the nested drop down box with a dedicated pull-down menu that will show all categories. This new pull-down menu will also provide basic information on product series so that you can get to the right product directly from the home screen in a single click. Images of the products will allow you to see if the product is what you expect, before you click.


List of Model Numbers and Category

In the Dwyer catalog, many users go straight to the table of contents to find the page number of the product they desire. With our new List by Model Number or List by Category, those same listings can be found linking directly to the catalog pages. The goal is to have one click to get to this online table of contents, with a second click to get you to the product.


List by Application

We have added images of common applications that our products are used in. The images show the most popular product series used in those applications and link directly to the product pages. These application searches allow you to find multiple products without having to search in different sections of the website.

Easy Ordering

We are in the process of redesigning our shopping cart, which will allow you to get through the ordering process in less clicks. The forms needed for setting up accounts will be updated and information will be re-arranged in a more user-friendly format.


As the Dwyer websites continue to see enhancements, we would appreciate customer feedback as to what changes make the biggest impact on your user experience, as well as what areas of the site are causing you the most grief. With your help, we look forward to making your first stop for online instrumentation shopping!