Ask the Expert – Measuring Multiple Room Pressures with the WDPM

Question: Measuring multiple room pressurizations proves time consuming and difficult; do you have something that measures multiple rooms at the same time?

Differential Pressure Module, Series WDPM

Answer: Using multiple handheld manometers for multiple locations can be expensive and time consuming for technicians. This involves walking to each location, viewing the meter, and seeing how the room pressurization has been affected by any change in pressure in a different location. In order to address this challenging process while maintaining focus on developing innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs, Dwyer developed the Differential Pressure Modules (Series WDPM). The Series WDPM is perfect for wirelessly measuring differential pressure, air velocity, and flow. These Differential Pressure Modules connect via Bluetooth connection to an iOS or Android® mobile device and can be used with the Mobile Meter® Software Test Instrument App. The FREE app allows users to connect multiple devices, displaying each module’s reading at the same time on one mobile device. The WDPM can also be used with a pitot tube, airfoil, and averaging airflow grid in order to measure air velocity or flow. This solution is cost-effective and saves time, allowing technicians to complete more jobs.

Dwyer has several ranges readily available to meet your application’s requirements. In addition, the modules can be purchased with a NIST traceable certificate. It is always a good idea to review a product’s complete specifications to ensure compatibility with application requirements. This information and more can be found on the Dwyer website.