How to Set Up and Use the Model TBU-00 Temperature Transmitter

Temperature Transmitter, Model TBU-00

The Model TBU-00 Temperature Transmitter is a high precision temperature transmitter. Its small size and weight allow it to easily mount in most temperature sensor instrument enclosures. The TBU-00 is ideal for process applications where a 4 to 20 mA signal is required, such as: food processing equipment, boiler equipment, and refrigeration equipment.

The universal input reduces inventory, while the micro-USB port facilitates easy configuration and calibration in the lab or field. The versatile TBU model allows for selection and configuration of input type, measurement range, and calibration. The output can be set as either direct 4 to 20 mA or reverse 20 to 4 mA using the easy-to-use configuration software that is provided free of charge on the Dwyer website. The below chart shows the temperature range that each probe type can be calibrated through, along with the typical accuracy of each.

The TBU software is easy to use with a one-page program for setup. Plug the TBU-00 into the USB port of a computer, and open the TBU software. Using the “Configuration” drop down menu, go to “Communication” and select the transmitter that you would like to connect. Languages can also be selected in the “Configuration” drop down menu, with options for English, Español, Polski, or Português.

From here, you will be able to specify the sensor type, unit of temperature, range of the transmitter, failure status, zero offset, and direction of output (direct 4 mA to 20 mA or reverse 20 mA to 4 mA).

TBU-00 Programming Screenshot

The program will also display general information for the TBU-00 connected, such as the serial number, firmware version, and model number.

Press “Send Configuration” to upload the programming to the unit. Once the data transfer is finished, the transmitter can be disconnected from the computer and hard-wired in the field. To learn more or order the Temperature Transmitter, Model TBU-00, please visit our website.