Our Updated Mobile App Makes Hydronic Balancing Easier Than Ever!

Dwyer’s Hydronic Application has added many updates since its first launch in August 2018, but today we are proud to present version 2.0.1 of the app!

Hydronic Application Software – Welcome

We’ve taken technician feedback into consideration to improve the overall user experience in the app, ensuring that balancing a hydronic system is now easier than ever.

Hydronic Application Software – Pair Sensors

One of our goals was to improve the ability to connect to the wireless sensors. We did this by auto-grouping the sensors by their psi ranges.

Hydronic Application Software – Flow Reading

If you’re looking to measure more than just water, the app now features a viscosity calculator. A technician will manually enter the viscosity of the fluid, and the app will automatically adjust the GPM reading taken when measuring.

Hydronic Application Software – Calculate Flow

Selecting the valve type and pipe size is much easier now, as options are categorized by make, model, pipe size, and specific gravity. This means that you no longer need to scroll through one long list of models to find what you’re looking for. Over the course of a few weeks, this will save your team hours!

Hydronic Application Software – Flow Reading

In addition to the above upgrades, we’ve added a battery life indicator to the app itself. This will help to prevent your transducers from dying on you during a job, as you’ll be able to visualize the battery life at a glance.

Hydronic Application Software – Preferences

The app now has selections for metrics units in addition to the English units that were already in the platform. This capability saves time by eliminating the need for technicians to do manual calculations to convert to metric units.

Hydronic Application Software – Logged Data

Lastly, we have enhanced the logging feature by including the valve and pipe size in each report. This makes it easier to use the logged data without having to remember where each reading was taken from, or the order they were taken in.

If you would like to have a new valve type added to our Hydronic App database, please send the valve’s details to our Applications Engineers at tech@dwyermail.com. This information will be passed on to our app developers to be implemented in future updates.

Dwyer values our customers and their opinions. Our main goal is ensuring that we have quality products to make their jobs easier. Visit our website to learn more about Dwyer’s mobile apps or HVAC balancing equipment.