Ask the Expert: High Duct Static Cutout; Low Pressure, Low Cost

Compact Low Differential Pressure Switch, Series 1900

Question: Does Dwyer offer a compact, low cost differential pressure switch for high duct static cutout applications?

Answer:  For a low cost, high duct static cutout application in a compact housing, Dwyer recommends the Compact Low Differential Pressure Switch, Series 1900. This switch combines an advanced design with precise construction, which allows for the same level of performance as larger, costlier units.

The Series 1900 serves many applications in air conditioning service, including: refrigeration coil icing detection, oven and dryer applications, clogged filter detection, and variable air volume controller systems. Designed for use with air and non-combustible compatible gases, these switches have set points from 0.07 to 20″ w.c. (1.8 to 508 mm). A protected range screw located inside the enclosure simplifies adjustments and prevents unauthorized tampering.

These units are mechanical, requiring no power to operate the SPDT switch, and can be set in the field using an easily accessible set point adjustment screw. Since the 1900 requires absolutely no power to drive its outputs, the need for a separate power loop and its associated additional wiring and conduit is alleviated, reducing material and labor installation costs. The optional manual reset further eliminates common problems associated with typical high duct static cutout installations. For additional chemical compatibility, a Viton diaphragm is offered to make this Compact Low Differential Pressure Switch an ideal choice for your application.