Protect Your Capital Assets: Water Leak Detection

When it comes to Building Automation and Management Systems, companies invest in the latest and greatest technologies to optimize their process efficiency. Many hours and thousands of dollars are spent to ensure minimum power consumption and reduced heating and cooling costs. However, the conversation of protecting these capital investments are a less frequent topic of discussion. Additionally, protecting the structural integrity of the facilities can be an afterthought. Any sign of moisture and leakage can be the beginning of a serious component failure. For this type of monitoring, Dwyer Instruments, Inc. offers the Model WD Water Leak Detector for protection against potential water or liquid damage.

Series WD Water Detector and Sensor Tape

This simple device is perfect for early leak detection that can prevent revenue loss in damaged capital equipment, as well as extend the service life of your facilities. These devices can be used in a multitude of applications where the presence of water, or any liquid, can be detrimental to the process or infrastructure. For air handler applications, these sensors can be used for condensate collection pans. From the boiler room to data centers, these types of detectors are essential in early warning detection. Model WD Water Detector and Sensor Tape are ideal for strip leak detection along the length of the sensor tape. These can be placed on the surface of the detection area and set off an alarm whenever water comes in contact with the sensing tape. The WD is great for applications where one might need to monitor the entire floor beneath the equipment. It is also offered in multiple tape lengths to meet the required area, and you can plug sensing tape into each other for extensions when needed. With the feature of large coverage areas, the WD is appealing for under-floor monitoring in data centers and computer rooms alike.

Series WD3 Water Leak Detector

Along with the broad coverage area that the WD provides, Dwyer Instruments has also developed the Series WD3 Water Leak Detector. Unlike the sensing tape utilized in the Series WD, the WD3 is for single point monitoring. These are perfect for mounting in drain and/or drip pans; these devices can commonly be used underneath cooling coils in air handling applications. The Series WD3 has two metal strips on the bottle of the unit and once a conductive fluid bridges the two strips, an alarm will sound. The Series WD3 features options for an audible alarm, DPDT relay output, and either battery or line powered (24 VAC or 11-27 VDC). These units will come standard with LED indication for liquid level and power. Additionally, they come furnished with a mounting bracket that allows for the detector to be recessed off of the sensing surface to avoid any false alarms. With the added benefit of the DPDT relay, one can shut down the equipment/process, while the other alarms the building management system.

These cost effective solutions can be the difference between a minor fix, and a major overhaul of capital equipment and facilities. To learn more or order, please visit our website.