Something New is Brewing!

Dwyer Instruments, Inc. has solidified its presence in many markets and our versatility has allowed for our products to be implemented in a multitude of applications. Original equipment manufacturers and end users alike have been able to automate many processes that would otherwise be quite demanding and time consuming; one of which being home brewing! Home brewing and craft beers seem to be a growing trend across the country in recent years. With people developing an interest in creating a beer to their personal liking, many have found themselves dabbling in the world of home brewing. With a few ingredients, adequate equipment, and some patience, you can find yourself enjoying a Taylor-made beer!

There are three main steps in the process of home brewing:
1. Boil Phase
2. Mash-Tun (a.k.a. Wort) Phase
3. Fermentation Phase.

Each of these phases is temperature sensitive, but the fermentation is the most crucial. During fermentation, yeast is added to the wort that is created in the second phase of the process. This wort contains natural sugars and additives that the yeast consumes and converts to alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. It is during this phase in the process that alcohol is actually created and the beer is carbonated, hence the sensitivity. This phase of fermenting wort is typically maintained at 68°F, but with the creation of alcohol and carbonation, also comes heat. Brewers need to be sure that their fermentation temperatures do not exceed the desired 68 degrees Fahrenheit; otherwise, the yeast will not respond and it will increase the time required to ferment. Furthermore, if the temperature becomes too cold, it can shock and kill the yeast. It is this sensitivity that makes the fermentation phase so critical in the brewing process.

Series TSW Weatherproof Digital Temperature Switch

Dwyer Instruments, Inc. offers multiple options for on-off control to aid this temperature sensitive process. Most notably, the Series TSW Weatherproof Digital Temperature Switch, which is available in single or dual stage. Aside from the standard temperature control during the boil and mash-tun process, the TSW can provide optimal control during the fermentation process. The dual stage TSW can provide both cooling control for the refrigerator that the wort is kept in and heating of the fermentation kettle. It is this dual stage capability that allows the end user to have a single controller that can act as two independent controllers.

Series F6 & F7 Level Switches

Along with this particular application, the TSW can be utilized in beverage chillers, or any commercial refrigeration applications. With these refrigeration processes, the TSW is advantageous because it features a large 20 A relay that can directly control compressors up to 10 tons, and has the ability to establish a defrost time. Unlike its predecessors, the TSW comes standard in a weatherproof, NEMA 4X, enclosure and has a replaceable temperature probe. Throughout this process, brewers will also use level float switches like our Series F7 Level Switches to monitor fluid level during each phase and infrared thermometers like our IR Series to confirm process temperatures. Brewers can also utilize the Series WPH Waterproof Pocket-Size pH Tester to measure the pH in their wort before fermentation. This typically needs to be maintained at 5.0 to 5.5 to ensure rich color and hoppy flavor. Through these Dwyer products, original equipment manufacturers and end users are able to maintain a quality, automated process that is delicious and cost effective.