Sensor Manufacturing Capabilities at Dwyer Instruments

“I need it yesterday.” This idiom is a typical answer to a very common question in the manufacturing world: “When do you need this?”

This turn of phrase indicates urgency of the request, and often means that a product is already past its required delivery date. In instrumentation manufacturing, this sense of urgency is one that Dwyer knows all too well. We understand that our customers have a need that must be fulfilled by a set date for a variety of reasons. This can be the key to ensuring a project is completed on schedule, or to get production operational and bringing in a profit. It is for these reasons that Dwyer takes such pride in our 99.5% on-time delivery and 3 day average build time to order. Speed and urgency are part of our never-ending commitment to excellence.

One way to ensure that Dwyer fulfills this commitment is by manufacturing our subcomponents within our facilities. Dwyer manufactures its oil filled pressure sensors in our home state of Indiana, with a state of the art clean room optimized with robotics, laser welders and continuous optimization. We are constantly engineering and developing new ways to provide better products, in less time.

Submersible Level Transmitter, Series PBLT2

By manufacturing our sensors domestically, Dwyer ensures total control of the quality of the end product. This means that we are responsible for the main pressure sensing element imperative for operation in a variety of Dwyer instrumentation. In addition, with manufacturing and stocking locations so close to headquarters, Dwyer can deliver custom ranges quickly with little transit time. We manufacture raw pressure sensors and build/test complete operational units in the same place, allowing us to deliver shipments of our Submersible Level Transmitters, Series SBLT2 and PBLT2, in a variety of custom pressure ranges and cable types within 72 hours of order placement.*


There is little argument that having domestically manufactured products will give you the ability to provide customers with the quickest turnaround time as possible on a part that was, “needed yesterday.” But, our ability to manufacture our own pressure sensors also ensures total production control. The next time you have an urgent instrumentation request, think of Dwyer and let us put our quality manufacturing production to work for you. We strive to get you what you need, when you need it.

*As always, please contact Customer Service for an accurate lead time or shipment date. All shipping times are dependent on product availability at time of shipment.