Happy Holidays | 2022 in Retrospect

As 2022 winds down to a close and we celebrate this time with our families and friends, all of us at Dwyer would like to give thanks to the customers, partners, and teammates that we’ve depended on the year through.

We’d like to give special recognition to the team at Omega Engineering, our new sister company, as well as the UFM (Universal Flow Monitors) team that joined us last year. 2023 will bring with it plenty of change as our teams develop and grow, and we’re looking forward to the possibilities in store for us all.

There have been several initiatives in play over the past year, and we’re so appreciative of everyone who has stuck by us. One such initiative was the website platform transition from our old system to its current state.  Our team has been tackling any obstacles along the way, and we’re proud to say that we have been making forward progress each new day.

Thank you again for sticking by us for this wild ride called “2022”. Starting off the New Year, the Dwyer team will be heading to:

Hope to see you there!