The White House Clean Air Building Challenge: IAQ Action Plan for Our Future

Our understanding of COVID-19 has rapidly changed over the course of the past couple years. Initially, scientists believed that the virus was spread through large “droplets” that were expressed through talking, sneezing and coughing. These droplets were thought to be heavy enough to drop through the air rather quickly (within an average of 6 ft distances) infecting others through both droplet and surface contact. Scientists have now concluded that it is not these droplets, or even surface infection, that we should be most concerned about; the virus is actually spread through aerosol sized particles that are invisible to the naked eye and light enough to stay within the atmosphere of an enclosed space for an hour or more. Because of our newfound understanding of how this virus works, proper indoor ventilation and air quality is more important now than ever. 1 Continue reading “The White House Clean Air Building Challenge: IAQ Action Plan for Our Future”

Best Wishes This Holiday Season

It’s officially the holiday season! No matter how you choose to celebrate, we’d like to wish our partners, distributors, customers, and fellow Dwyer team members safe and happy holidays.

We’ve each seen so much growth this year, and we’re excited for seeing what the future holds for us. Wishing you happiness and good health this holiday season.