The White House “Clean Air in Buildings Challenge”: From Plan to Action

The White House “Clean Air in Buildings Challenge” is a key component to safeguarding our futures as we return to a post COVID-19 world; one where we have the health and safety of building occupants, workers, and children at the forefront of our concerns. Let Dwyer Instruments, LLC be your solution to take these guidelines from plans to actions with our inclusive product offering highlighted in our Focus on the Future: Health and Safety Portfolio. Our curated list of products are ready to ship and are designed to maximize your budget while putting into practice the Clean Air Buildings Challenge action items:  Continue reading “The White House “Clean Air in Buildings Challenge”: From Plan to Action”

Join us at AHR Expo!

It’s the end of January and… AHR Expo is here! We’re excited to share our new products and technologies with you at the show next week.

This year at AHR, we will be focusing on our indoor air quality solutions. Indoor air quality is an important part of our everyday lives. Did you know, on average, people spend 90% of their time indoors?  From carbon dioxide to humidity, several factors impact the quality of the air we breathe. Continue reading “Join us at AHR Expo!”